Being up front dating

Ended up running into dude again, we exchanged pleasantries and later went our separate ways.It was in the days that followed, that he started to hit me up.Even better, as D' OB astutely notes again, sex/relationships are "like a see-saw or tennis, [a thing] that two people can do together if they both feel like it and if doing so would be enjoyable for both parties." Dating/Getting Laid is not an achievement to be unlocked. But it's ALSO not the fault of the ladies-- because ladies, you were lied to as well. ) partner was to play it coy, to pretend you're not interested, to make him "earn" your love. It is similarly fine to be intimate on the first date.What you didn't realize that every time you said "no" when you meant "yes," you undermined the validity of some other girl's "no" that meant "no"-- and that left her vulnerable to guys who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Society laid down a bunch of rules ages ago, and each gender makes individual missteps that cause the other one to chain react in a cycle of doom/resentment. What matters is that you are clear about what you do (or at least, what you do NOT) want.

” All those hurt, angry feelings came out, he withdrew, and then there’s a wedge between the two of you.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.The reason I ask is because a couple months back I met a girl through a charity event and she agreed to get coffee with me (her decision, as I just asked if she had any 'free time' on that day), but during the course of the conversation - which I thought went well - she mentioned how she has a boyfriend, and then said she would like to meet up again. Why would a girl with a boyfriend agree to get coffee with a stranger male? upfront does not, however, neccesarily mean unsubtle! If you weren't flirting with her at all, why shouldn't she assume it's platonic? Many times I've gotten asked out so casually that I'm confused as to whether it's just a polite, friendly invite, or more of a romantic one.I'm still new to asking girls out so I haven't experienced any flat-out rejections from which to learn, so this makes me unsure of how they think about me. If a girl you met asked you to go do something - but gave absolutely no indication of being at all interested in you sexually or romantically, would you automatically assume she was trying to get in your pants? That puts both of us in an uncomfortable situation later on.

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