Pctures of radioactive dating

Four of the reactors at the plant were crippled by the 50-foot tsunami that struck following the huge earthquake. The evacuation was swift, forcing residents to leave everything behind.More than 20,000 workers have been employed to clean up the towns, scrubbing the walls and floors of every building.A member of the media, wearing a protective suit and a mask, looks at the No.

More than half of Namie’s former 21,500 residents have decided not to return, however, a Government survey showed last year, citing concerns over radiation and the safety of the nuclear plant, which is being decommissioned.As you can see from Graph 2, the larger the coefficient the greater the 'starting amount'.Conversely, the smaller coefficients lead to smaller/lower 'starting amounts'.It was at 2.46pm on March 11, 2011 that Japan was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, triggering a major tsunami which devastated the northeast coast and led to the loss of 19,000 lives.The Fukushima plant was badly damaged in the disaster, which knocked out its power to the plant’s crucial cooling systems, resulting in meltdowns in three of its reactors, local evacuation and widespread concerns surrounding radiation contamination.

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