Battlehorn castle quest not updating

Features leveled respawning arrows: normal, fire, frost, and shock enchanted.Also contains leveled sets of Men-at-Arms and Archer armor.I'm no modmaker but it seems to me that there could have been much more of a quest at this castle. Do I have to do anything to get the trophies or is it auto on killing of respective enemy?Even just an area that generates marauders until some bad guy is dispatched would give some extra play value. , 4 January 2009 (EST)Chris Yea, sorry, i found it just after i put the question forward. , 4 January 2009 (EST)Chris I'm just curious, sense the Game Of The Year Edition of Oblivion IV The Elder Scrolls has a LOT of free plugins (Example: Knights of the Knine, and Shivering Isles) I'm wondering if you get ths one free in the Game Of The Year Edition.Then go and speak to Nilphas Omellian at The Merchants Inn in the Market District to purchase upgrades for the castle.

It is located at the western end of the Black Road and becomes your property after the quest of the same name is completed.It comes into play once you've bought every single upgrade, appearing in a chest at the end of the bed in the barracks, but it's level is always the level of your character when you FIRST install the DLC.There is also a Secret Passage behind the Archery Target in the Training Room that leads to a Grotto containing about 3 valara stones, a skeleton with a unique blade shield, and a lich that has a key to a chest containing leveled loot.Two friendly Battlehorn Men-At-Arms are defending against them inside the castle, with Lord Kelvyn lying dead on the ground in the courtyard.Kill off the Marauders and then speak to one of the surviving Men-At-Arms.

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